Friday, 24 September 2010

mad, was i??

what in the world was i getting harebrained on you..

believe me, with all your heart, and your soul full of love, i didn't mean to tear your feeling into pieces.

nope at all, i swear with the moon and the stars above.

might be, i was just somehow stressed out with my life.

it got complicated as i progressed and kind of dull and monotonous: full of the same colours and shape.

making matter sorriest, i mis-exploded out on you.

i knew, upon raising my voice on you, i abruptly scared you the most and you kind of traumatized with me.

and i felt the same too:bad, sorry, atrocious and horrendous.

truthfully, not only did i felt perplexed with myself, i was somehow petrified with my feeling.

it was getting cumbersome to maneuver.

i was easily losing my control on it.

getting wild, wilder, and wildest.

with a strange combination of regret and self-aware, i tried to change myself, like shifting from bad to right.

as a matter of facts, truth be told, i could feel a monumental changes taking place in my life.

by this time, i was more than comfortable and feeling flattered as if i was flying in the sky while riding on unicorn. planning a holiday to penang during deepavali with friends.

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