Wednesday, 29 September 2010

MUET-troublesome though..

i've just got to know this evening that those who are going to sit for MUET exam will be given class-exceptional from HEP.

yeah, it is quite sure a good news not just for me but also my classmate.

to be honest, i'm quite excited but at the same time i'm at the peak of nervousness.

i tell you what people, i don't prepare any for muet as if i was sent to a battle without knowing how to maneuver a riffle.

quite suck isn't.

to be assured, muet isn't an easy thing like ABC.

a higher level of language is in use.

making matter difficult, it is divided into four sections which is distinctly testing our language competencies.

as i scroll down my mouse to google tips on MUET, i do find several good one,but as i go further, i do also find MUET is hard as a rock!

mind you, once again, it really, really and really tests your language!

truth be told, i'm no an english expert by any means, but think of my TESL sake, i must, need and have to do my very best in MUET.

it starts to cold-feet me, and hit me like a clouds.

hopefully, i will not dream of MUET tonight.

if it is a nice dream, i will be so contented tomorrow morning.

though, if it turns on the other hands, i will be so scared as if i have comitted a series of crimes.

obviously, i'm reckoned the most in writing, and for sure the rest too.

pondering my cousin's point, do write as much as you do, because believe me or not, it affirmatively will improve our writing skills.

back to my crux, whether you see a point or not, i have to get into books once again, to make sure i do well in MUET.

all in all, beyond doubt, i need to get ready 100% to face MUET, preparing the weapons aren't an easy things-but do believe "practice makes perfect".

have a nice day people.>_<

p.s. am looking very forward for MUET, and perhaps i will get a minimum band 4. amin..

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