Friday, 18 February 2011


Hi there...In this post...I'm going to be slightly emotional...I should have said I always be so...Nay, do bare with me!

What an awful state of mind must a man have attained, when he can despise a mother's counsel! 

Her name is identified with every idea that can subdue the sternest mind...that can suggest the most profound respect...the deepest and most heartfelt attachment...the most unlimited obedience...It brings to the mind the first human being that loved us...the first guardian that protected us...the first friend that cherished us...who watched with anxious care over infant life...whilst yet we were unconscious of our being...whose days and nights were rendered wearisome by her anxious cares for our welfare...whose eager eye followed us through every path we took...who gloried in our honor...who sickened in heart at our shame...who loved and mourned, when others reviled and scorned...and whose affection for us survives the wreck of every other feeling within. 

When her voice is raised to inculcate religion, or to reprehend irregularity, it possesses unnumbered claims of attention, respect and obedience. She fills the place of the eternal her lips that HE is her counsels He is conveying the most solemn admonitions...and to disregard such counsel, to despise such interference, to sneer at the wisdom that addresses you, or the aged piety that seeks to reform
you, is the surest and the shortest path which the devil himself could have opened for your perdition. I know no grace that can have effect; I know not any authority upon earth to which you will listen, when once you have brought yourself to reject such advice.

Thanks mum...with the advice that you have given to me...I now life...we can't always be the winner...there's one moment that we will be the loser...and afterall, this is is just full of randomness and surprises...your words have thought me how to endure and undergone life through complete despair and remarkable hope. 

All hail...and long live mum! You're my treasure and music in me! The foundation I built upon my life! 

Our love never has ending...and beyond limit and boundaries...Love You Mum! Sorry for the mistakes that I have done...I'm just a little human who is still searching the light in and downs are the spice of life...MUM, I LOVE YOU!

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ayushida said...

tq 4 joining my contest. Its a well written expression. Love it, so, good luck!

arsyad a.k.a teech arsyad said...

pleasure to be accepted into your competition!
keep up your good work!

AizA said...

haha.. nak speakin eng tak reti...
but i nak comment in eng gak.. kalau grammer salah jgn gelak yer masa baca...

well my mom (ayushida) said..
this blog is good..
and it will be my 2nd eng blog hat i love to follow...

good luck..
hopefully u can be the winner..

arsyad a.k.a teech arsyad said... it for real? harm..u're most welcome here!
wait...ayushida is ur mum?
ok...i get it now...thought that she's a varsity student...ok..funny how is that!
slow-witted mind...hahaha..btw..your mum is so superb! If you don't mind...please do leave your blog url for me to follow...thanks ya!