Sunday, 13 February 2011

Summer. Weekend.

Hi there...

Really sorry for not writing as frequently as ever...Not that I run out of's just that semester two really catches me up and kills if I can die standing alone.

Not that my life is getting boring and plain and clich├ęd...or even keep repeating the same routine...Once again, time is always envied on me...and no time to fool fact, still I have time to facebook in which wastes my time a lot.

Despise all...I make my weekend as the day to scroll down my blog and of course update my life story...though it isn't something that is interesting to read...BUT...for real...MY LIFE ISN'T THAT PLAIN!

So here the summarisation of this week:

1) Summer season

Is there any of you love summer so much...please say "I"...Bummer...I hate summer and certainly will never be fallen in love with it. Just so you know...Jan and Feb is the beginning of dry season or its popular name, "summer season" in Perlis...the weather is definitely so if the sun is just beneath your head, which is impossible! I hate it so much as it will make me soaking wet in sweat as if having bags of ice inside of my cloth. Sweat flows like water runs free in the river...can you imagine that! To make things worst and mediocre, perhaps catastrophic too...some farmer take this chance to burn their paddy and guess what it's just make things complicated...causing the temperature to rise. Not to surprise you all...smoke fills the air...haze occurs here and there...Oh my...I don't like this! Driving me to have bad cough and my eyes become achy and rashes formed. No that I blame the nature, it's just that we are the one who spoils its beauty and tranquility. the payback time for them on us...Serve us right!

2) Weekend I feel like forever

Though it's dry and hot here in never stops my friends and I to go out and hang out somewhere that we like. It does feel good to escape from IPG sometimes. LOL. According to the plan...on Saturday...we go for a shopping-spree at Pdg.Besar. It is miles away from campus and we decide to rent a car...and our friend, Mr.Hazwan acts as the driver...he's undeniable good in it. We go out early that morning as we go to Kangar first to settle down several things before magically found ourselves at Bukit Ayer to visit the bona fide mother-nature. It is as if a day trip around Perlis which is not that big. Later...we head ourselves to Pdg.Besar...and blink on and off...Here in Pdg.Besar we are! We arrived there at more or less 4 p.m and guess what...It's shopping time! From shop to shop we visit...It's just so many things are sold...but not much that I buy and end up my discovery by buying 1 t-shirt, and 2 sweaters...We really have our times there...and Pdg.Besar we will see you again next time!

3) Study...haven't I?

Why there must be exam in this world? Why on earth they create this system? Why...and why? I had enough with exam. early March...I will sit for a crucial exam which is TESL mock exam. As we are slightly different from the others as we will be having Real exam in semester three rather than be tested in every semesters. So...what have I prepared so far? LoL...not much other than sleep and eat and facebooking...Oh my...I do waste my time on it...and really have to wake up from a long sweet dream! Though it's just a trial's a big big gargantuan enormous thing for me...and to say the least tsunami of coursework are once again hitting my laziness shore...really need to double and triple my effort!

So...starting this week...Study and Coursework modes are activated!

So...I guess that will be the end of my story...till then...have a nice day ahead!

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