Sunday, 27 February 2011

No love before graduation...

So today remarks a very momentous deal between me and my friends..

Hot Hunks involved ; Muhammad Arsyad , Muhammad Aiman Fahmi , Mohamad Hazwan

Today, March, 27th 2011
At 3.54 p.m.

We promise to ourselves, family and god: TO NOT HAVE ANY LOVE AFFAIR BEFORE GRADUATION!

Because...we have a long journey to go...and to worry over a woman is useless.

Because...our future undertaking is still blur...and to think of having love is a procrastination.

Because...we want to finish our degree successfully...and woman is about to be the obstacle.

Because...we readily lost hope in woman...and we know our true love is somewhere out there...let the time decide. every relationship, woman always slashes a scar in our heart...and we have enough with heart-broken.

Because...we aren't ready to have another relationship...and we afraid of commitment.

Yeah....we really think we can do matter how seducing is a woman...we will keep ourselves herculean!

No more crying over woman...once hurt considered broken!


Munirah said...

Wow. What a frank confession.
don't be gender bias, pal.
Love is hurtful but yet so sweet in its own way.
Heart-broken always happen in life but how you recover from it is the most important thing.
Making an agreement would not stop you from loving someone, arsyad. :) Just think for a while , will ya?

arsyad a.k.a teech arsyad said...

I'm no by any means being gender's just that how I see girl through my experience...but remember this...I'm never afraid to open my heart for love again...and I really put a high hope on it!

Anonymous said...

MUNIRAH : diaorg ni bukan desperate mcm ko. tak leh hidup x pa laki. jalang sgt. tapi kalau diaorg langgar means diarg sesama jalang mcm ko. haha. #makancilirasapedas