Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pre-departure (as if...)

Finally, I could give myself a breather after a battle with assignments that seem to have no end. I guessed I could give myself a pat on my back for that I managed to finish all of the assignments on time. That was the coolest thing I had ever done. Okay, I exaggerate too much. I just could not let a second slip through my finger as I was in the pursuit of making sure I would have an immense thrill of holiday at home. Free from the assignments was the most superb thing had ever happened in a student’s life, I reckon or it was only me who felt so. Speaking of holiday, the month of Ramadhan almost comes to its end and the Eid spirit is in the air. Can you feel it? I hope so.

So, as of this year Eid, unlike last year, we will only have a week break which is very short as far as I can comprehend. I guess I would not have enough time to collect “duit raya” this time. Let’s just forget about the money, you are big enough to get one. But I still want it! Whatever...Back to the main crux, I will go home tomorrow by bus. This is the moment that I have been waiting for so long. Pictures of home could not stop playing in the back of my mind. It feels so great to break away sometimes from the works that I have. Why do I consider my study as a work? Let’s me illustrate you how, simply because I have a mountain of assignments to be done in a short time constraint which literally makes me haywire and turn-upside-down sometimes. Enough rambling, the bus will be at night. I have no other option as there is only night bus to Terengganu. But I love night bus as I will have more sleep than staying awake which I abhor the most when you have nothing to do none other than enjoying the view from the window. Though some of my friend has gone home already, I just do not really upset or jealous as I am going home too, am not I?

I guess I have left my hometown for quite some times that it makes me excited to go home. I can sense the smell of my hometown at the moment, again I aggrandize too much. But it really does! I could not compose myself from thinking of going home. I just miss my family, my house, my hometown darn much! I just could not wait to see my family and devour my mum’s cooks, things that I leave behind while I am here furthering my studies. It feels awesome sometimes to stay away from home as I learn to appreciate what I leave behind to fulfil my dream. So, tell the whole Besut that I am coming home!

There's no other place I rather be none other than home. This is my hometown, beautiful, don't you think so?

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