Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How dinasour appeared?

I was running some errands when I came across a small dinosaur-like-shaped that I bought ages ago. It was a gift from Petrosains. Up until today, people are scrutinizing their heads figuring out how dinosaur appeared. There are a lot of people write about dinosaur, and this is my version how dinosaur come to live. 

Here goes the story, 

Long, long ago, there were only volcanoes and the seas and sand on earth. There wasn’t a living thing that lived on land.
One day, a strange thing happened. Rain fell and one of the droplets fell on a big, round rock. The rock suddenly became smooth and colorful. Then, it rolled all by itself into a big, dark cave. There it lay for 364 days.
On the 365th day, there was a cracking sound. The egg had hatched! Out came a creature which was green and small. The creature was one meter tall. It walked on two legs and ate plants. Its name was Hypsilophodon (hip-sill-loff-d-don). It was a new creature, a living thing, something that lived on land. It was…a ‘dinosaur’.
Rain soon fell again. Another droplet fell on a huge rock. The same thing happened. On the 365th day, it hatched and another dinosaur was made. It was called…Iguanodon (ig-wan-o-don).
Iguanodon was a much larger dinosaur than Hypsilophodon. It had a bony spike on each thumb that it used to fight off its enemies.
Time passed. More eggs were made, and hatached, and more dinosaurs appeared.
Dinosaurs ruled the earth for millions of years. Dinosaurs were the very, very first creatures made to live…on earth.

It, indeed, sounds a little childish, isn't it?

Do you believe the existence of Dinosaur or just another make-up story by westerner?

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