Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I was staring deep into a tree outside of the class through a clear and transparent window next to me when I realized someone gave a slow and steady smack on my head. Oh boy, it was my table mate who knocked me to wake me up from my subconscious state of mind. Literally, I wasn’t there in the class. I admit that my body or physic were there, however my mind and soul were flying away to some unknown and mysterious places. I now gained my composure. It has been quite sometime had not I daydreamed. Back to tree outside of the class, it really caught my eyes today. At the bottom of my heart, and at the back of my mind, how I wish I could be a tree. It was literally a mockingbird. It did not harm anybody, instead human are depending on it to live. It did not expose to destructive and disastrous things like human did. Its life was to be a devout creature of HIM. Best of all, it did not have to sit for an exam like human did to test their intellectual. Looking at the table in front me, I saw a paper lying across the width of the table waiting for me to fill in all the blank spaces. I told myself how stupid I was because my future relied on a piece of paper. I screwed that for saying those. I monologue that if I want to be like a tree, I must embed myself with plenty of knowledge so that I would give an impact to other people, instead of bringing harm.  

the reasons why I must stay strong and assertive enough to fight. They are the cause for me not to falter and dwell in this virtue. :D

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