Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Penang (checked)

From now on, I officially erase Penang from the list of states-that-I-haven’t-visited which I created ages ago when I was back then in primary school (I guess).
Perlis (checked)
Kedah (checked)
Penang (checked)
Perak (checked)
Selangor (checked)
Kuala Lumpur (checked)
Negeri Sembilan (yet to visit)
Melaka (checked)
Johor (checked)
Pahang (checked)
Terengganu (Obviously, I come from here)
Kelantan (checked)
Sarawak (yet to visit)
Labuan (yet to visit)
Sabah (checked)
Here, we could see that there are three more states to go to complete my own Malaysia discovery.

Back to the main story, as of we are in the study leave at the moment, we took this chance to get away from our beloved campus. All the studies things and exams make us dull boys and turn us up and down. So only today, we had a chance to escape from these labyrinth and we chose to let off our steams in Penang. It was like a weekend gateway for us. To tell the truth, we had been planning this like a year ago and only last week we had a moment to make it true. There was always thing that encumbered us from moving on. I knew that some naysayers would say that Penang was just a spit away, but heck; I am here to study not to travel all the time because I do love the idea of travelling, yet it is in certain occasion only. We postpone our hols due to certain circumstances. We were so caught up with our studies in previous semesters (big liar) and the second thing is, our finances are not as strong as today though the fact that we are like dead broke at the end of month, especially (screw that).

There were three of us, Aiman, Faiz and I. We are classmates and Faiz is our class rep. We went there by bus and it took us a long 4 hours to reach Butterworth even though it normally takes two hours to reach there due to several problems. Safely arrived, Faiz’s dad went to pick us up at the bus terminal and took us to a mamak’s stall. I had a quite experience here, you know, I don’t prefer mamak’s cooks and I guess everybody knows that so when I happened to encounter this last few days, I took a safe step by ordering a roti canai. Throughout the hols, we stayed at Faiz’s house that was located at somewhere around Seberang Jaya which one thing I remember most about the place was somehow his house was near to a shopping mall. I would dare to say that his family was welcoming, warm and benevolent.  They were nice people. In short, we went to some iconic places like Bukit Bendera, War Museum and list goes on. I could say nothing other than awesome! On the last day, before returning to campus, we went to lunch at my friend’s house at Padang Serai. I had a plenty of fun there and will be there again, hopefully.

Special thanks to;
Faiz and Faiz’s parents for letting us stayed at their house; letting us used his car to move around; preparing us food to fill up our stomach
Faiz for taking us there and driving us all over the places
Ahsan for becoming our tour guide in Georgetown 
Hazwan for inviting us for a lunch
Hope to see you all again!

Let the pictures do the talking!
Sniff something huh? He was wondering what his future would be if he jumped out of the ferry. :D

We wanted to stay here, but to no avail...there was no room available. It is, in fact, office place.

Camwhoring after a journey to the top. All relief faces.

Friends are always together! Credit to a Chinese woman who helps us out.

It's time to shot! :P

Faiz, look at here!

Before going down, must take a picture here.

Ready to venture a new world.

Let's march!

What are you guys looking for huh?

Climb up the stairs dude!
 Good friends are always hard to come by, once you have them, appreciate them most! Thanks y'all!

p/s: next destination: Kota Kinabalu!

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