Thursday, 13 December 2012



There's yet another need for religion which is created by man's life, hopes and pains. It's man's need for a mighty and unfailing supporter at times of hardship and crisis. When a person loses something or someone he loves, fails to achieve something, or is stricken by misfortune, it is the religion faiths, which can give him support, strength, hope, condolence and patience. 

The belief that Allah is just, merciful and fair gives man psychological peace and spiritual strength which breathe into him buoyancy of spirit, optimism and the ability to view the universe from a wider and brighter perspective. This was he can endure his pain and see them as part of this short mortal life. Philosophy, science, money, children and the possession of the entire world would fail to provide man with the peace, hope and solace that his religious faith can provide.

Therefore, a man who lives without faith to fall back on in times of adversity lives with inner turmoil, distracted and pull in every direction. Have faith in Him, the most gracious and merciful. To Him we share our happiness, gratitude and sadness - to seek for forgiveness, help and refuge. Just so we are clear everything happens for a reason and that must be the best for us.  

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