Saturday, 22 December 2012

Who would you believe?

It is my obnoxious way of saying that lies travel fast and boy did my terminological inexactitude accelerate with velocity. Worry not...this isn't one of those Disney channel tales where every story has a happy ending or a hot buzz featuring on the front cover of Time magazine.

You know, it hurts so much when someone you care about does such a thing to you or in exact, say something bad about you behind your back. Backstabbed much? Indeed. What saddens me most is that people simply believe what that particular person says. Truthfully, there have been two sides to this story. Yet people just digest what is being told to them without asking me, what is the gossip churning about these days. No matter how hard I try explaining the real predicament...words seem to fall on the floor and no one gives a fudge to know the truth. Sadly to just live with the guilt and bury their noses into the thin air of false account of my indecency. It's first a little low on grist but then it spreads like wildfire which makes me concerned how this news circulates around. 

Though I try so hard with all my might to stay strong, I am torn. Needless to say, broken beyond repair. Never in my life had I thought there is such derogatory person on this world. How grateful I am if I could curb myself from mingling around this type of person. S/he is poisonous. Every word s/he says is a venom coming out from the jaws of a snake. Hate it when this involves eldest. Sometimes eldest are privy to idle adolescent dramas and gossips. However, their involvement just makes matter even worst! Partly because they live in different time frame where a simple solution could man up a problem. But this is now, it's really happening.  

Facing the reality and rival is as hard as chewing and churning the truth that is banging out to escape from a closet inside. What actually happens to our chivalry? Does it only happen in a movie? How sweet and delightful it is if I have enough courage to get me the heck out of this cauldron. Chin and head up...come on...treat this as another phase of sailing this grown-up sea. Just hope one fine day the truth will be revealed and unfolded itself. Real man will win after all, huh? Tsk.  

#maybe that someone should have been more careful and vigilant when saying something in the water closet.


Kayun said...

i believe one day truth will be unfolded, like u said. i may do not know and understand what had happened but i pray the best for you, really.

Arsyad Muhamad said...

:) Ameen. Thanks