Sunday, 9 December 2012

Keep Calm

I loathe myself for letting negative feeling and thoughts evade my mind. Those deteriorating elements enervate my spirit and enthusiasm to keep my head held high for days ahead. At this moment, all I need is word of wisdom or someone murmurs into my elfin ears, "No worries, you have done your best. Let Allah do the rest." to look forward for a brighter future.

Yeah...sometimes I neglect the importance of praying and the significance of du'a - the biggest and potent weapons that a Muslim man has. An intangible bond that never has an end, but few really utilizes its incomparable power. There must a reason why he gives his servant this. not that. A hikmah. You get what you give and He will always bellow upon you what is the best for you, in sha Allah.   

I just hope what is coming next would be something nice and beneficial to me that I could be brave enough to take the steps upon forging this road not taken. 

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