Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's here, can't you smell it?

Sometimes we need to consign ourselves to the fate and accepting the fact that thing is as it is. Like, next week is the start of final exam of this very semester. Dang! Try to rub my eyes in disbelief and bang my head to the wall just in case I am still daydreaming, but heck, reality kicks in and a river of tears wouldn't change the fact that next week I'll be sitting for my first exam paper. Time waits no man. Waiting for the study mode to kick away the laziness in me and thus possesses my inner side is like waiting for the airplane to arrive at the bus station. Oh bummer!

But fret not, the turmoil will be over in the matter of 2 weeks or so. Heaven much? Better yet, wait till you hear this part, that is the best part of all being Jan 2012 intake is finishing exam earlier than anyone else which means extra holidays. Shoot! Whose in the right mind doesn't love extra days of semester break? Come on. Lets toss and cheers to this newsflash! 

On a more serious note, exam always freaks me out to think of my bad performances in the last few semesters. Few days before any tests, I get clammy and claustrophobic, worry for nothing. That's so me. Yet again it's all rezeki fixed by Allah, worth the effort I gave, no regrets. Not that we don't need any talisman or good luck charms for this exam, all we need from you all out there is sincere prayers from the hearts because it is the best gift of all. Hopefully, we will do just fine and pass this semester with exceptional result, Aminn.

To everyone out there in the same boat with me, wishing you all the very best and may the strongest force be with you.

May Allah ease our journey, Aminn.

# Feeling extremely droggy, a combination of drowsiness and grogginess and boy, this cold wind and windy weather bring the overflowing urge to sleep. In any second, I shall mellow myself in the cocoon of loneliness disguising itself as a fluffy duvet that keep me warm from cold and keep me company every night.  

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