Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Why oh Why

Wasn't it always the way, the book you recently read seemed to have a strong connection with whatever angst adulthood drama you just have. There were certain things in life that you wished it never happened. but, somehow, out of your control and will, it just happened. And things started to change bit by bit. The metamorphosis was painstaking. The worst was you never seemed comfortable with it, so how to endure this without having needed to suffer acute emotional inertia?

Surely though it never started that way, but it really was my fault for I'd been lying some very personal stuff that I should have kept it tight in the closet. There was a need for me to be more vigilant and careful next time with whatever I was about to utter. So did it ever occur to you that some people misinterpreted what you were telling? Countless times, to put it in an easier way, they didn't get my jokes. They should have known me all too well that I joke a lot. Well, what was worst than a colossal misunderstanding about myself. Now that everything was pretty much a spoiled broth. there was nothing much I could do about it but to settle with whatever that was left and consign myself to my fate. All I could do now was to glean real courage and to swallow my own pride in order to man up wrong things and clear the water of misunderstanding.  

Mostly sorry for am not trying to be forlorn on these auspicious days, but it saddens me to think that I blow the one and only chance I have. *tsk

"I believe everything happens for a reason and I must be strong. In every bad ordeal, there must be a silver lining or rainbow awaits at the end of the tunnel."     

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