Friday, 25 October 2013

Tales Alive

I was nowhere near a good storyteller. I used to join storytelling competition, representing my school, but that was a century ago back then in primary school. and the environment and ambiance was a whole lot different than today. As luck had it, this semester, I had to deal with a course entitled, Stories for Young Learners which carried 3 credits, which was a lot and there was no space to fool around in this course considering that sum of credit. Studying different genres of story was one part and to do storytelling simulation in class which really made me cold feet was another part. Mostly I enjoyed every minute I spent in the class. But the best part of all was, boy was I surprised to know that I was shortlisted to be one of finalists for intrabatch storytelling competition.

On a side note, to my surprise, it seemed to be that I still had the storytelling soul in me though there were lot of loopholes to be ameliorated with the most. Frankly speaking I wasn't doing that good enough to expect and earn a string quartet, fireworks, or even drum rolls to mark this little achievement which was again nothing to be prided of. So last Wednesday, we had this competition held at one of the lecture halls in our campus with the theme, Tales Alive. The perk was, it was mandatory for everyone and I really meant everyone to wear costumes on that day and it was such a brilliant idea to have everyone overdressed or gone dandy once in a while for a good cause. Plus, it coincided with Halloween celebration, not that i celebrated it as it was against my belief but it was just a random thought that fleeted through my mind. 

As it was a huge deal for me, this thing made me took a big gulp of nervousness and vomited fear. I envisioned the possibility of me having had a series of humiliating events on the stage like fainted upon seeing a large crowd of people in the hall with their eyes all on me like zombies demanded heads (not to mention, the presence of real school kids just to watch us performed which doubled my anxiety), drenched in sweat as my uncontrollable nervousness escalated, or hardly uttered any words due to sudden Parkinson strike. What if all of a sudden, I forgot my lines? What was I supposed to do? Knew it too well I was aggrandizing too much over a small matter. Yet again it was the matter of 7 minutes for god sake and everything could happen during that stipulated time. However, my lucky star wasn't with me and I did not win any places. But fret not, the experiences itself was the greatest reward of all. After all, no regrets, I had tried my very best and accepted the fact that there were others who were way better than me in this thing. I did learn lot of valuables things from this participation, especially from the feedback received from the lecturer on how to be a good storyteller, a crucial skill that a language teacher must have. This was a golden opportunity worth to seize in order to improve and edify myself before I embarked on my journey into teaching world. Kudos to all the winners!       

Told ya! Everyone dressed up to the nine. Now try to spot me. good luck! 

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