Sunday, 27 October 2013

An Urgent Call

Feeling all restless and worked up. All the hours taken to revise and keep revising has made me felt even more droggy and needless to say, how haggard I have been looking lately. Stuck in front of the laptop and glued to my seat for hours aren't my forte. My life is in a chaos and complete mess. This happens when the epiphany comes late and to cram everything in a week isn't a good choice. However, there is no other choices left, and have to settle with this every one. It's better late than never to start buck up and step on the gas.

Sabr and Stay strong!

Not even half way through and before everything bottles up to a point of melting, I, then decide I really need a booster to keep me motivated to carry on when not a thing I do makes me feel any better. A cure to this seasonal epidemic. And so I call my mummy. I am not wrong and in fact, it is the best decision ever. Mummy always knows how to motivate me and thus eradicate the resentment that rested heavily in my heart. She knows me all too well and undoubtedly, her magical words sooth me, my restless heart and mind like a magician reads mantra while waving his magic wand. In a split second, all the pain and stress is gone in the thin air. I need no reason to love you forever and always!

Mummy, May you and dad are always in the best of health and iman! 

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