Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Exam Fever

Alhamdulilah. I thanked Him so much for that I am still alive, survive and kicking to continue my virtue. As of now, everything went well despite of the fact that I should have done better. But, what is done cannot be undone. Finally, the thing that I have been waiting for so long has come. I am done with two papers and last two coming up next week. You know, this week and next week will be weeks of sort for me. I am really caught up with examination. I am in dire need to hit the books because the last two papers involved a lot of reading. Exam really drains my vehement and spirit to hit the keyboard. I am currently addicted to reading and revising, and books have become my drugs. 

Unbeknownst to me how fast the time travels, all I know is next week, my cohort and I will face the final obstructions that barricade us from heralding our wings into degree level; English Studies and Social Studies. I could not help myself but realised that everything must come to an end and so our preparatory years.  Again, time tricks us all. Hopefully, these preparatory years make us assertive and strong enough to face the challenges ahead when we embark on our feet into TESL degree. I pray hard for all 105 of us will do B. Ed TESL next year. Break the leg!

Cohort 2 Cycle 3 are always together!

TESL power! Roar!

Gather up all your power and strength to combat with the final two battles!

Keep holding on because I know we will make it through!

Keep believing in yourself – the most potent weapon you have!  

My best wishes are always with you all.



amin.. sempat jugak ko update blog ye. btw good luck all the best!!! don't forget our planning after exam. large field.

Ash Muhamad said...

Sure I am!