Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Could someone be so powerful enough that you gather up all your courage and braveness to simply immortalize the past memories between you and someone that ironically, it takes you years to get over it?

 Yeah, sometimes people can have a big influence on you, therefore it takes you some times to think back of what you had and what you had done in the past. These set yourself some limits, so that you would not go over the line when you take action and be wise in making decision. Simply, it becomes the guidelines for you in conducting your life and makes you be careful in taking steps and chances. At times, we need to think thoroughly about the chances that lays in front us. Think deep and give a thought about it would help you to visualize what would happen in the future if you are to take this chance. 

Come to speak of the people just now, I am not by any means saying that they are those who are bad or in the same way, but maybe they are those who make you up what you are today, and they are those when in the midst of all the darkness and despair, there, they come like superman, of course in their own way, and help you out when you are in need, make you smile the whole day. To say the least, you have never had to erase your past memories that you spare a moment with someone because, in all this sanity, there will come a times when you have to look back to your past even if it means you have to swallow your pride and go hand in hand with your rival which is your own sense of insecurity. That is why if we are to jot down what we have had in our life, I guess a blog is not sufficient. Upon saying this, the set boundaries must not be the limits for you to move on in life. You should take this as a guideline for you to make up good choices for the betterment of your life. 

No matter how hard we try to forget what we have experienced, there will come to a point in  our life that we have to reap them back while we say, "Oh, I have done this."

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