Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Checkmate! It's over.

Just now, the final paper of my final examination, social studies that I barely feel satiated with the answer I have written marks the end of my TESL preparatory years or so-called PPISMP TESL. I am officially finished and done with my foundation years and my journey as a freshman student.

Above all, the examination is as difficult as it is supposed to be. I guess I have given my best and all out though the fact that I should have done and could do better than that. However, like I have said, let bygone be bygone and what is done cannot be undone. Let not worry about the past. Now I leave the rest to HIM to decide what is the best for me. I pray hard that I would nail off into TESL degree. I still have few days before returning home. What is next, see you around next year as B.Ed TESL student!

Wish you guys the very best of luck! My very best wishes are always with you! TESL D!
Next year will be dealing a lot of challenges that I need to double or may be tripled my effort.

Checked! :D

p/s: will go for several retreats before returning home. :D

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