Thursday, 17 November 2011

Padang Besar Retreat

Hi there! I am counting hours to return home. Feeling of excited, boredom, and sadness hit me at once like I am going to leave Malaysia soon which is so not true. Ha-ha. Truth be told, I am not really interested in telling y’all how I feel and what I feel about finishing my foundation years- I really hope that this preparatory years would make me assertive enough to strive in my future undertaking. Back to my main crux, yesterday, I went out again with my fellow TESLians to Big Field (Padang Besar) which was 30 minutes from my campus. There were five of us. We really had a moment together. And yesterday retreat was indeed an epic and phenomenal. Mind you, we shopped till we drop (Screw that). Enough talking, I was dismayed hitting the keyboard because I had enough with writing these few weeks that I had a serious case with my grammar allegation. Ha-ha. So darn tired today as I had been busy clearing up my room as I am leaving tomorrow afternoon. Let’s stop here and enjoice the pictures of mine.    

We were so engrossed with the ostrich. Honestly speaking, this was the first time all of us seeing ostrich. You know, Perlis also has ostrich like South Africa. Correct me if I am wrong.

New Zealand-like place = Chuping. The lord of the ring played here...I totally lied.

One of the goodies I bought. Ignore the background.


wan azrai daud said...

banyak borong barang... hehe, sempat retreat some more..

Ash Muhamad said...

Yeah...hahaha..this is the best thing about studying away from home. Hahahaha...