Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Boys Only

We were so carefree right after the examination. We had nothing to do and nothing crossed our mind. To celebrate the independence day of ours (TESLians), we went out last night to devour western cuisine in Arau. We had a really good moment together. Come to think of the lamb chop that we ate, as a student, the price was so reasonable and I think everybody can afford it. This restaurant which I obviously could not remember its name must be included in the list of where-to-eat, or what-to-eat when you come here to Perthlis. 

The diner planner, I meant MessySerabut was the one who suggested here. Really worth the penny!

Awesome. And Scrumptious!

Just in case you did not know about this, I found myself in a difficult and hard time answering the English Studies which was about literature that day, I meant on Monday. I really screwed up the paper. :(

What she said was totally true...I, too wander who was responsible to set those question.

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