Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Holiday mode turns on

And so I am a free and single man. I have been dumped by final exam last Sunday. What an atrocious relationship, we have! The turmoil is over. The stress that runs your life has ceased. The anxiety that exponentially escalates considering the fact that you have not covered many topics is now dwindling or perhaps vanishing. The battle is so full of rage and atrocities. The tanks and vessels that are used to be on the front line are now demobilized. What’s done cannot be undone. Let’s just hope for the best that He would give us enough courage to face the wrath of final result which is expected to be released in the end of December or around that circle. This love-hate relationship is sure going to be missed.

What have I done to occupy my free time at the campus while waiting for my departure date which is going to be on Saturday? Apart from decluttering the clutter, I go out with Faiz and two of his friends. He has long gone home but decides to come back to take his left-over things home. So he takes me out considering I am all alone here (*false). We take his friends a tour around Perlis. Instead, we go to Padang Besar.

So here begins the story. The fact is that shopping and me is inseparable. Shopping makes me alive, really. I can shop till I drop. I am on a tight budget on this shopping trip, so I decide not to shop a lot, especially shirts and garments. Being me, I couldn’t help myself but to shop shirts. I think I would just manage with one. Little did I know that I would end up with three shirts and a travelling bag. Again, cash flies away. Am now on the verge of thinking do I have enough to survive during the holiday, to be exact borneo trip. (Did I not tell you that I am going on a borneo trip with my college mates? Lame)

That would be it for this moment. Looking very most forward to Borneo Trip (Sabah). Have a lovely and wonderful holiday!

Checked-in. O'Allah...I pray that you ease our journey and keep us from harm and danger. Aaminn


Anonymous said...

pegi KK ke? perghhh. best wooo. pegi kinabalu park. situ terbaek. plus seafood kat KK mmg terbaek la.

Arsyad Muhamad said...

yup. a revisit after so many2 years..but nothing beats the feeling of the first time touching snow ever..hehe.. :)

wan azrai daud said...

bwk blik ole2 tuh.. haha

Arsyad Muhamad said...

haha..sure will. :)