Sunday, 25 November 2012

Splendous Sabah Trip (Last Part)

Gah...finally, here comes the final part of this trip. Yeah...have to admit the fact that this whole idea of story-telling the adventure is being repetitive and mundane. Whatever it is...I mean to write every details in words so that when I get old, I have something to flashback about and telling my kids - I have been there before. Aforementioned statement early in the days that this post is going to elucidate all details about things we do in Kota Kinabalu is true. So bear with it! That has come to end, enjoy the pics. 

Seafood Eldorado. 2 words to describe - Affordable and of course, scrumptious. Location: Around Handicraft Market. Every Night.

Up for the island challenge? 

Manukan island. So stuffy as being the focal point of the tourist. Hardly seen any fish at the shallow water. The water is a bit murky.

Island adventure - Manukan, Mamutik and Sapi. Undecipherable feeling when you get to see little or big creatures of crustacean swimming freely underneath that you feel the corals are waving "hello" to you.

What a ride! Water splashes all over the body. Winds shove our hairs and it feels so great. 

Shopping spree! time to shop till you drop. Can't take my eyes off almost everything. Heaven much? Indeed! Shopping tips: Buy merchandise or whatever souvenirs you want at Night markets (Sinsuran NM or Kampung Air NM) instead of Handicraft market (Filipino market) due to the price difference. 

Cam-whore inside of the Handicraft Market.
We bought a zoo! HA3

Anxiety and nervousness strikes upon seeing elephant passing by. I want to hop on it! 

Trying to act cool! Just finished with the animals performance at the amphitheater. 

Going hysterically historical for a while. Good place to know Sabah's culture. Huge place that it needs a day to complete the whole tour.
Well...we all have an immense thrill of fun. The last day, MH2613 flies 5 of us away to Kuala Lumpur and MasWings takes Jay home to Sibu and Alau to Tawau. Get to be in the brand new fleet of Boeing 737-800, complete with in-flight entertainment.

Memories are made here. This place means so much to us. It has witnessed our ukhwah strengthened. I have faith that this place has touched us as much as we touch them. I believe that titanic couldn't even sink our friendship and dudeship. Looking very most forward to the next trip in the coming years. Singapore? Bandung? Let's save some money now! 

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