Sunday, 18 November 2012

Splendous Sabah Trip (Part 1)

I have long had this written in a draft, but am so lackadaisical to post it up on the blog. Let's see why this occurs. The only reason is that memories are better kept in the back of my mind so that it would be the panacea of bad moment in my life. So i'm writing this away just because I want to immortalize things that we have undergone in a form that it would be there forever that I could still remember what I have undertaken, and that is the beauty of internet. It stays with us forever.

This year end trip has come to an end. After a year of saving and planning, we finally did it. Can you believe it? I possibly cannot.

There are a lot to tell but English just lacks requisite and appropriate words to describe our adventure, our feelings, and our experiences. Just so you know, we do not hire any tour guide to lead us throughout the journey and it gives us freedom to plan our own dream trip. We are proud to tell that we manage to survive until the end of the trip without any major hiccup, excluding losing direction which is a common thing for newcomers like us. Enjoice the pictures of day 1.

The journey begins as soon as we board MH 2604 that flies us away to Kota Kinabalu.

As this flight happens to be the first flight to Kota Kinabalu and it's still early in the morning,  MAS serves us  breakfast as we can choose to devour either Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai. Poor us. When it comes to our rows, they have ran out of Nasi Lemak and that leaves us with no choice but to just manage with Roti Canai.

The good weather warmly welcomes us to Kota Kinabalu. It's a sign that we are going to have a good time throughout  the journey. We unboard the plane at A5 gate. We dash to the custom area to make clearance, and they will issue us a receipt that acts as a pass to enter Borneo. We move to the baggage reclaim area and once we finish, we make our way to the arrival hall. Soon after we settle down at arrival hall, our rental cars arrive (viva auto and saga flx auto). We stuff our things into the car and off we go.

Here we are in Kundasang which is 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. Buy our lunches and we head our ways to the place where we are going to stay for 2 nights.
Kiram's Village Cabin is the place we choose to stay. What a beautiful site! Nothing could describe the pristine and tranquil beauty of this place. And it is cold indeed. The background is just majestic with Kinabalu Mountain sets as its backdrop.

As budget travelers, we book the cheapest room that this place has. To our surprise, the room provides us with 2 beds (1 queen size and 1 single size) and they are just enough to accommodate seven of us.

Finish our lunches as fast as possible as it's still bright outside lest the fog will get heavy as darkness rises. We dash to War memorial to pay our visit.

The beautiful and amazing parks insides the memorial stun us. For a moment, with the temperature fluctuates, we feel like living abroad. HA-ha

We make our way to Kinabalu Park before we call it a day. It's already dark and foggy. We dare not to venture this place more as it's dusk already when it's just 5 pm over there, promise ourselves to revisit this place early in the morning the next day. It's not advisable not to wear thick garment as it's freaking cold. 
To be continued. In sha Allah.

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