Friday, 23 November 2012

Splendous Sabah Trip (Part 3)

Waking up in the morning and hit the shower to wash face. Get out of the room and stroll around the cabin as this is going to be the last moment we are here before we return to Kota Kinabalu for the rest of the trip. Snap lots of picture possible as we are going to cherish our moments here a lot. Sweet or bad, that makes our day here enjoyable and memorable.

One of the cabins at Kiram's Village. How I wish I could have a house in an area like this where the weather is so calm that you could feel the time moves at snail's pace.
Farewell is finally bidden to Kiram's Village. We are surely goin' to miss this place a lot as it has witnessed a lot of twists and turns through out the journey we undertake. But one thing for sure is that we miss its beauty that beyond compared.
A crowd of friesian holstein cows greets us upon entering the farm. Look at the view, Subhanallah, incredible, isn't it?
Before returning to KK, seize a moment at Desa Cattle as we didn't venture the farm the day before. Everyone is so keyed up to start the discovery or hunting the cows in the field. LOL
Sip a cup of fresh milk, what a bliss! and then we head home. A must place to take pictures at the farm. 
Couldn't help myself to take a bit of memory with the cows. Ironic how I am so passionate about this cow when they are a lot of them just by the roadside back at my hometown.
First place to visit in KK is Karambunai Lagoon Park, situated inside of Karambunai Resort. Great place to try water sports. Providing myriad of water activities. 
Decide just to have a swim and relax. Great place to let off the steams during weekend.
Little did we know that time hits noon already. Pack our stuff and move to the hotel where we are going to stay for the rest of the trip. AnJ Budget Hotel (Highly Recommended) for budget travellers like us who comes in group. Price is at reasonable amount. Where else could you find a room, complete with en suite bathroom, air conditioner and tv, and most important 6 beds at a rate of RM85 per night? So choose AnJ Hotel if you are on a tight budget like us. More to add, the location is very strategic, in front of Handicraft (Filipino) Market, Sinsuran Night Market is just at the back alley, bank is just downstairs, KK waterfront is 2 minutes walking. So very strategic! 
At night, have our dinner at One Borneo, the largest shopping mall in Borneo. Having a stroll inside of this huge mall, and suddenly stumbling upon this cool place. Try our luck and skills at archery. 
Didn't manage to score bull's eyes but just enough to cheer us up for the night. 
That would be all. In sha Allah, I will come up with the last part in the next post. 



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