Thursday, 22 November 2012

Splendous Sabah Trip (Part 2)

Life couldn't be any hectic. Being commuting to and fro Putra Medical Centre, Sungai Buloh since my sis is warded there. To cut it short, voila, our family was aired with a good news yesterday. Another blessing of the year, welcoming the latest addition to Muhamad's family, Muhamad Amirul Hakimi. Another hero and beetle in the family. Be a good and pious son yeah! 

Moving on to our main agenda, I've been keeping the urge of writing this post since i'm pretty caught up with my current life. But heck, I manage to spare some time to write and surely upload some pictures of our day trip to Sabah - miss those moments together. So enjoy the pictures!

Start off the day by driving ourselves to Desa Cattle Mesilau which is within few minutes from where we stay.  Wanted to watch the sunrise, but it rises earlier than we expect. Too early to enter the farm that we decide to just take a few minutes to savor the beauty of Kinabalu mountain zenith from afar before hitting the road to the next destinations. 

Grab our breakfast at Kundasang, and head to Kinabalu Park as promised. Follow the provided trail and end up at a stop which views the mountain top lost in the fog. Devour our breakfast and move to Timpohon gate, one of the entrance to hike the mountain.

Drive up to Ranau which is a bit hotter than calming Kundasang. Head to Sabah Tea. Enjoy the view and buy some souvenirs. 

Rest for a while at Tagal Sg.Moroli or Fish Spa. What an experience! Worth every penny.  When The fishes start swarming your leg, you will feel a bit itchy - that's how the fishes massage you. Feel so great to finally be able to flex the leg muscles.

Hop on the hanging bridge that exists at the Sg.Moroli Fish Spa. Heart skips a beat every time the bridge goes flimsy and shaking. 

Make our way to Poring Hot Spring - rhymed, isn't it? Ha-ha. Just so you know, if you are not a hot spring geek, you will have other option to pamper your body like having a a private time at the waterfall like this one above which one needs to do some walking to the actual spot from the entrance. 

But heck, all pain is paid off once we get to see the water flowing freely, cascading down the waterfall. Have a dive and swim or you will regret for not. 

Later, move to the hot spring part. Yeah, the water is hot, what do you expect? LOL.

Change our clothes and try our male bravado and endurance at Poring Canopy Walk which compounds us another entrance fee.  

Have an immense thrill of fun! Trying to act cool when fear hits us to the core every time we look down. 

End our day at the Rafflesia Sight Seeing. It's deep in the forest. But worth the journey we take. Finally the wish is granted. 
If I feel like writing or hitting this elfin keyboard, i'll try to come up with the third part. So, in sha Allah, there will be a continuity. Stay tuned.



sapa yg baju merah tu wei??? hensem tahap nak melalak! bhahahaha...

Arsyad Muhamad said...

our guardian angel throughout the tripp..hahaha :P