Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I discover that it is truly in giving that we receive...and the joy and abundance I seek grows out of the giving. Whatever you get in return, nothing could beat the pure bliss you attained when giving. 

Such a great feeling that is to help someone undergoing his/her dark time. Helping others doesn't cost much. A great combination of sincere heart and helping hands would do the trick. 

Have it in mind that whatever things we have now is ephemeral - merely a rent from Him. Why not take the step to play your part in sharing and giving out whatever you can to those in dire need? Never too late to realize and recognize the importance of creating and contributing rather than obtaining and  accumulating.

Thanks heaps Mdm. Kris. Wishing you the best in your master thesis writing and defense. Can't wait to have you back in harness.

And I give thanks for the simple things I have been blessed with.


# here comes the assignments without being welcomed. they are, as always the pain in the arse, really. what's to say...without them life as a student wouldn't be meaningful and complete - a complete lack of allure to hit the books or etc. plus, isn't the primary and core duty of a student coming here to learn instead of getting laid, fooling around or hitting the sack?

# tired listening to negative people around me who couldn't be anymore positive about this life whining incessantly about what a better life would be if this...that...and etc. come on...grow up! there must be something good about it...or you just don't want to see it neither accept the fact, not that i have anything or vengeance against this people. 

# thankful enough...there is a good news about our allowance - the only stipend that all of us depend on to survive till the end of every semester or the only grease that makes anything we plan smoother. will be in sooner, in sha Allah. suffice it to say, everyone is keyed up and looking very most forward to it. wallet is getting thinner and current financial account is in insurgency state.

# stay golden folks!

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