Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Why not globetrotter when you still have the strength and chance?

Ever wonder how far have we walked on this earth? 
Ever count the steps we have undertaken?
Ever come to our common sense and realization if this road was the journey we have always wanted to roam?
Ever think the journey we embark on will bring us to the thing we always fear with the most?
Ever overanalyse how much our presence has impacted the things around us?
Ever comprehend why we keep on walking when in fact at some point of this odyssey, we realize that turning back is as hard as moving on?
Ever question why some people who used to stay by our sides taking this journey together stumble in the middle of this voyage?

*would like to wish a friend of mine who is so dear to me...close and best friend indeed. great knowing you since, dude. Happy Birthday. May you have a wonderful life ahead, full of happiness and his blessing.



kan. kadang2 tak realise pun kan. wishing him HB too.

Arsyad Muhamad said...

indeed. thats y we have to make the most of it now..nt just for fun..but for self realization as well