Sunday, 6 January 2013

Why Me?

If people ever thought choosing me to be their leader was a great decision, perhaps they are waiting for an Armageddon to happen. This happens to me recently. As much as I want to refuse the offer, I must consider the trust that has been put on my shoulders and the kindness of my mentor who is willing to fork out some money to pay the advanced payment for the nomination, an investment for me to be elected (No way!). Guilt taunts me if I did not answer the call.   

Couldn’t help myself but to curse under my nose the moment I know this thing (not by any means cussing anyone here). I mean, do you not have anyone more capable and eligible to do this thing? Ha-ha. I try so hard to find the x-factors in me that they decide to put up my name. But to no avail, I found none. The bottom line is what do I know about leadership? What does this whole election thing mean? Is my leadership skill good enough? Truthfully, the fact is my leadership skill is nothing to be proud of. My experience in leading people is mediocre and hardly makes it into the resume.     

I am not fancy the idea of being the spotlight and centre of attraction. I used to enamour those idea back then in high school…but now I just hate it and it seems to be the cheapskate way to gain popularity. Ever since I study here, I love staying out of the radar, being anonymous, unknown and mysterious to the opposite or same gender. If google earth is a girl, she couldn’t find me if I dressed up as a ten-storey building, I think I aggrandize too much. Yeah, not privy to any adolescent drama and scenes happen around. Couldn’t care less about anything if it did not involve me.

The whole class knows that I am in a mess which means unorganized, coming to class looking haggard. Do not even possess a strong personality of a leader. Just because I am a bit of a chattering box doesn't mean I am good at leading…if that is the pointer, perhaps you could choose the entire campus because everyone love talking. Do they not? If they ever thought I could stand up for their right and say on their behalf, perhaps they should have gone to sleep and keep dreaming. I can’t. I would make a bad leader, trust me.

Another thing is my parents used to pester me about being too active in curricular activities that I easily get distracted from my core business, study. I salvage a lot to be and stay here. Staying in the system is not anyway a walk in the park. It comes with a price hence you need to pay to get the best of this world. With that in mind, I forsake most of the things I love to do back then during high school years. I quit debating since. I quit joining extra curricular activities just because I want to focus on my study and excel in this course. See yourself, how pathetic I am. So I won’t let that happen again here.

After all, I don’t think I would ever stack up against other nominees. Ha-ha. My chance to be selected is slim and microscopic. Don’t even put a hope to get through the final list. Let alone the big brash braggarts make their ways to the podium. To reiterate, whether I kill or blow it, it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to give a shot for the sake of the trust being put on me. Don’t ever vote for me…or else you will have a nightmare, really.

Love cloud. Nice, isn't it?

*have yet to figure out the manifesto. Haiz...  


Khairy Khasimi said...

good luck bro! it will look good in your CV. haha.

Arsyad Muhamad said...

if only i make into the list...again...the chance is slim. just think of gaining the experience. winning comes in second though it seems farther away from reality


maybe they believe you! dont worry i will help to promote you. hehe

Arsyad Muhamad said...

arghh..stress runs my life. hope this will end very soon.