Saturday, 26 January 2013


Time has always been my greatest enemy, a mocking spectator, a laughing peasant, a fleeting shadow. Almost everywhere I go, Time would chuckle at my back, taking delight in my misfortune.

Time comes in many forms: the ticking needle of a clock, the persistent rings of the school bell, the shrill calls of disaster, or the door slamming in my face. 

In my ignorance, I used to wish that Time would hurry by, for I had grown weary of catching up with Time. 

Past is the past. Get over it and moving on. It doesn't matter how slowly you go.

So long as you do not stop, chin up!


‎"Don't despair over the events of the past for none of the events of the dunya were ever meant to remain." As Shafeei

*stop pleasing others. do things that make your life happier than before even if they costed your sanity. 


nazril hayat said...

kannnn...i think i need to move on too

Arsyad Muhamad said...

we all need to move on. let bygone be bygone..let it be a history tht teaches us a lot. :)