Saturday, 11 May 2013


As Salam

Drowning in the sea of notes and books for weeks. They are all over the places. I am in a mess and almost asphyxiated to death (pun intended). Brain freezes to the extent it swallows more than it can chew. Too much to be revised, yet too little time to study or should I put it in this way that I procrastinate a lot. Regretting all the wasted time spending on useless things during the whole semester when in fact I should get my study on. Been having and savoring much leeway time all this while and now a surge of guilt hits me and not to mention, stress runs through my veins strenuously. Typical student.

Enough lamenting. Doesn't take me anywhere if I keep sighing and whining. Couldn't help it but admit that...A moment of realization only comes at the very last minute of time. Yet it's better late than never. There is always a shine of hope in every bad ordeal. Keep trying, it is. Double the effort and set the right intention, "Belajar kerana Allah s.w.t". In sha Allah...all the hardwork will be paid off one fine day. It's not a waste. Be sure that we only get whet we give. Chill. 


Wishing all of my batchmates...all the very best, beat the rest. Man Jadda Wajada. Keep on fighting until the last drop of blood, tears and sweat. This is our war and we were born to do this thing.   


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