Sunday, 5 May 2013

Full Bloom


Just 2 curious kiddos

The tree is at his best at this time of the year. Astonished at how a tree can make a huge difference to the landscape it beholds that used to be so dull and sombre. Nothing feels better than to be served with such a magnificent view bellowed upon us by Allah s.w.t every time I walk out of my residence hall to anywhere in the campus...and watching its petals slowly dropping down onto the ground rekindles a surge of serenity and calmness to the heart and mind. Embracing its beauty before the season is gone for good...and we are yet to know whether we would still stand a chance to see its full bloom again the next time around. The future is still in uncertainty so appreciate the present day (say Alhamdulillah) before it becomes a past, because past is past and no one can turn around the clock. No one. 

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