Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Silver lining. 

As Salam
Alhamdulillah…could never be thankful enough…I survive and certainly am. Killing 4 papers in 3 days, back to back…does sound so cumbersome to be maneuvered…seem legit…and a lot of work, huh? Certainly is. What's done is done. Not that I expect any mental breakdown or brain freeze in the past few days because I really need my brain at its best. Shoot...this week couldn’t be anymore hectic. I have had enough drama, not to mention there are times when sudden emotional lapse and inertia swing by to think of the things I could have done right in the examination…drain my motivation. Brain strenuously works to an extreme. And now is the time to put it at rest for a few moments. The exam is not better nor worse...just hope and pray for the best. This is yet not an end. I can’t possibly wait for the last paper on the next Monday, Moral Education and then…heading home! Holiday mode turns on right after…it seems to be that the mood comes early this semester or am I just being the one and only person who is already in the kind of mood? *wondering

All the very best. 


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