Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Worldly things are tempting, titillating...anchoring us down the darkest valley of lies and deceit. We drown...we suffocate...we asphyxiate to death. Nothing there makes us feel any better or close to Him. Everything is nothing but mere lies...faked by human for fools. But why do we keep tripping and tumbling? Strangled and struggle to find the escape path. Why are we too snob to acknowledge that lies lie right before our eyes and let them blur and blind our vision? Why are we so complacent with the things we have when in fact not a single soul and thing will last forever? Why are we so vulnerable to the worldly threats that we let them evade our souls...and indoctrinate our minds...thus drag us away from Him? Why do we feel so comfortable doing sins and still be so proud to walk on this earth made by Him? What does it take to really get over worldly temptations so that whatever we do is what He asks us to do? Think. Reflect.

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