Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lost in Fog

Lost in Fog

That is what we call wake-up-in-a-fairyland. Please be noted that I study at nowhere near the highlands. Believe it or not, above was campus last Wednesday. Don't you just love cold and windy weather? I really do that is why it excites me. The atmosphere was shrouded by thick fog, but as the sun rose, the fog receded. And later, enjoyed a good sunny day for the rest of the day.

All that happens in nature surely teaches us a little something. Just like this one event that we may assume insignificant to our life, yet teach us the most crucial value that we must have in life. Perseverance, it is. Fog in this matter symbolizes adversity in life that we must undertake with grace. Hence, be strong is all we need to do. 

Challenges and life are coexisting. There's no life without challenges because the way we handle troubles that come makes life more exciting, sweet and worth living. But never let the adversities in life encumber our steps towards what we want, and define who you are. Just because it's so hard to swallow, you simply wish away what you currently undergo and never give a second thought about the bright side of the bad - it gives you strength, courage and patience. For once, take the risk and channel it into something constructive. Remember, taking a step towards your dream is way better that building another dream because nothing comes easy by chance. As the saying goes, no life is a bed of roses, even if it is, it must be in your dream. Keep the flame of fighting burning, and pray to Allah to ease everything. 

The sun will still appear on a foggy day as the day goes noon, and so as every bad ordeal, there must be a bright end that is worth fighting for.     

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