Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sudden Thought

The urge crosses my mind sometimes when I am completely famished doing the same mundane routines. Aren't you just getting tired having the life that revolves around sitting for the exam one after another with little or no break in between and finishing the assignments that are mounting up to an Everest and what more, that trades your free time and beauty sleep? 

Ever ponder deep in thought will life be much better without being strangled with all of these things? To break free from the shackles of books, tests, quizzes, exams and rules. Because sometimes life is much more than just having a scroll of degree. There are mountains of thing that cant be learned from either a textbook or a two-hours lecture. Years of schooling and studying do not really prepare us at our best to handle and overcome life's test, challenges and adversity that keep coming as great as we do on paper exam because they are lot harder than they may seem to be. 

Certain things in life require us to experience it ourselves, only then we would know how it really is. To explore what this ball of earth has to offer. To taste and indulge in different tapestry of culture and to discover that everyone is wrong about other cultures and countries. If we ever want something we never had, we have had to do something we have never done. I believe the real university is to travel and go beyond limit. Surely learn more that way in a sense that we learn to adapt and adopt, see things from different angles while making us matured by age and knowledge we acquire along the way.  :)

What say you?

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