Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Upon seeing a man driving a luxury car, wearing branded clothes on his body, there is no other thought that lingers in the back of our mind than to wonder what does it take to be him - to be born with a silver spoon in mouth. We always look up at others as if we could not afford to own what they have, when in fact, little did we know, we are too "others" for other people. Just because we are too busy comparing our lives with others whom we may think more fortunate than us, the tendency to forget this one fact is high. 

Until one day, when we walk down the street, we see there are people beg for money, even worse to solicit their bodies for a penny. Indeed, it's a shame for us, but to them, that's the only way out they know. On television, day by day, we have been served with news on wars and crimes here and there around the world as if peace and humanity aren't even exist in the dictionary of modern world. What has become of us? Merciless? Heartless? Ungrateful?

Say what? Alhamdulillah

As very much cliched as it may sound, don't we think we should be thankful for being given such a life like this that we could never thank Allah enough for bellowing upon us rezeki like a family with overflowing and unceasing love, clear running water, clothes to keep us from cold, abundance foods to keep us fit, oxygen for us to breathe, knowledge so that we could survive and the list just goes on and on? But then again, why do we keep whining and instead, asking for more as if we have not had enough of this world? Come on. Appreciate every little details that happen around us for that it's a gift from Allah. We can't always get what we want because at times, things that we want might not benefit us, and indeed Allah knows what is the best for us. Isn't He the best planner of all?

Give thanks to Allah for everything. Appreciate things before they are gone for good.

Say Alhamdulillah

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