Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Halfway End

Did you hear that? the sound of ticking clock which made me even more nervous than before and my fear spiked to an Everest. My exuberance already turned to vapour little by little the second I flipped through the booklet and saw the questions which were beyond what I had studied. On the microphone echoed, you have 2 more minutes to finish. The announcement spread like wildfire. Upon hearing this, I was half paralyzed with adrenaline and anxiety ran through my veins. Even worse, I couldn't be anymore claustrophobic and my both hands got clammy. I tried to fan myself with my hands to reassure this whole enchilada, yet it wasn't working well. 

My pen was glued to my hands...couldn't help it but to keep writing at the rate of a bullet hell with my handwriting. Too much to be written, yet too little time left. No matter what would happen next, I had to finish this until the end with my own writ and grit. I might have cursed a lot under my breath,but mostly I prayed that I could stay until the end without much complication and breakdown. 

2 minutes sauntered by and time up! But being me, I kept writing as if I had all the time to myself until the invigilator came to me and said, excuse me sir, we need the papers. And with that, I did my last touch up, wrote my index number and kissed goodbye to the final paper of this semester. Nevertheless, I did try my best and no point to regret. What was done couldn't be undone although it almost had my lacrimal gland secreting a stream of tears down my cheek.    

Alhamdulillah! I made it, anyway and boy was I glad to know that I didn't have to see them all anymore. That was it and how I wished I could climb on top of a mountain and scream my heart out to express my ultimate satisfaction that I had enough already. This whole parcel of examination made my mental weary and tiresome. The end of semester 4, second year of TESL degree studies. What better way to treat myself than to just sleep and laze around with good books and good company. Let's enjoy this momentary independence. :)

Can't you smell it? The strong fragrant smell of holiday in the air. I can't stand the stench of this campus anymore. haha... I'm coming home, and tell the world I'm coming home.

holiday begins! Besut, always at the heart. 

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