Friday, 7 January 2011

First week in wrap..

Okay seems like ages haven't I wrote something here..and no doubt I don't really think that I have interesting stories to be shared..but..there have been so so much things had happened to me this week. And I'm quite stress and blood pressure go on not only to the roof but also to the space. make things worst..on the first day of lecture..I got fever..that's still consider okay but what makes things terrible and disastrous is I was diagnosed with diarrhea..Holy Crap! Never in my life I got this and it suffers me a lot. Toilet bowl will be your best company for few days and you will throw out for quite sometimes..your tummy will feel something is pulsating on it and pinching with pain as if a sharp knife has strucked into your heart. And I feel that already..nothing much I can say other than it bother you a lot.

And for the first time also I skip class to go to hospital..on that day, what I can say is that..I was half-dead..I feel like my body is empty inside..feel nothing..only a sore wound and desert of fatigue and swirling headache. So throbbing! At that time..sorry to say..tears form in my eyes..and at the end down though my cheek. I start to think of my parents..I really do miss them so much. Nothing can stop my mind from thinking of both of them. THEIR PRESENCE IS THE SECURITY OF MY LIFE. And since I am away..I protection isn't that strong anymore..and becoming quite vulnerable.

And now let's move on to my new step in B.Ed preparatory program at IPG Perlis campus..starting this week..I have set my feet onto semester 2..Grin! Feel matured a little bit..but still I act like a kid. Semester 2 means more challenges..more tests..more obstacles..more hurdles..and many more..And I'm going to endure them with full-spirit..with blood..with pain..and with sweat. No matter rain or shine..I'm going to make it out. I'm going to double my effort also at the same time so that my target for this semester will be accomplished..amin..and mind you..really looking forward towards mock exam though I haven't prepared anything yet. I just feel excited to be in exam again after a long time as Teslian have no exam in sem 1.

Next..this is also the moment-of-truth also for those who are taking MUET..and so do I. We have been waiting it for quite some times and this week is the day. And really really really thanks to god..I got band 4! Quite okay as I exceed the minimum band to proceed for degree. Still I'm satisfied with my performance as I don't really prepared well. So, I deserve advice for those who aren't getting band what they want..Don't be fret..MUET is just a piece of paper..but still my future is based on it..yet..there's still so many ways you can figure out..only perseverance is the key to any doors. Don't give up and keep trying and trying and praying..cause will decide what the best for you!

And as for next week,

I had:

Quiz for Social studies..

Quiz for Language Description..

And to if truth be told, I haven't start any..dong!

Come on syad..think positive!

Orait..I think this end of my story for this week..

See you..

Have a nice weekend!

p/s:looking forward for 1 week chinese new year break!

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