Saturday, 8 January 2011

Try something new..

Ok..buddy..since we, IPG students haven't received our allowance as usual..we cut our expanses here and there including for food and shopping-two things that can run without my life..

So, I bring here all the way from Terengganu a rice-cooker for my convenient..I guess today marks a week haven't I ate cafe's dishes..aren't I? What a record anyway! Back to our main best buddy and I went out today to Kangar to buy some groceries..then..around 10 we arrived at The first, we stroll up and down of the store for window shopping and later find ourselves at food section!

As what you will be tummy is singing for spaghetti, so we end up buy campbells soup and maggi..actually this is Hazwan's(you can click here to see full verse of recipe) idea of trying new recipe, and mostly create by our own. So we decide to do spaghetti ala replacing spaghetti with maggi but the sauce is still like the one pizza hut has, carbonara whilst at the same time to save our budget as spaghetti will coast you arm and legs.

What I can say other than it's so scrumptious and awesome! More or is similar to the bona fide spaghetti..but still there're flaws here and there..yet's still delicious for our tongue and throat..and believe me it can cater all sorts of people tastebudsssss...

Why not have a try?

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