Sunday, 9 January 2011

Squash..wait for me ea..

Dong..I am quite a lazy-bone to tell you the truth..especially when it comes to sports and physical activities..Oh, fudge..I really and really and really hate it..see how much I hate sports very much. teacher, physical fitness is very important so that you will be fit to do anything at school later on. And since that, I try my very very best to inculcate sports' interest in me..yet, at the end..I'm still a dork and loser and plunge with honour. I'm just so suck in sport anyway..let's say, whenever my friend ask me to join them in answer would be definitely..NO!

And somehow..I don't know why did I go for a jog this evening..perhaps there's a light that shines my way or maybe my friends' evening I go for a jog with my best buddy..we jog and jog and jog and jog..till we drop. Hahaha..okay..that's small thing..but there's something that has caught my heart..and guess what, it is Squash! The story is like this..whilst we are jogging..we pass through the gymnasium and find out not so many people use it..and I can say rarely used by students as the floor is unpolished and so many more inconvenience that eyes can see. But..that doesn't the matter..the thing is that now I am inspired by the wall and brick to active in sport! Good news right, isn't? So I guess I can feel the good spirit of sport has greeted me so that I am becoming enthusiastic in sport. So what's the point now is that maybe starting next next next week, my best buddy and I have decided to find a squash racket as we're going to be the next Nicol Ann David but of course in male version. Wait for us okay!

So..nothing much I can say other than our talents are so mediocre and perhaps this can enlighten our hidden do support us..We are going to rock the house!

Go TESLian Go!

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