Saturday, 15 January 2011

The voice in you...

A good voice has a charm in speech as in song. The voice, like the face, betrays 
the nature and disposition, and soon indicates what is the range of the speaker's 

Many people have no ear for music; but everyone has an ear for skillful reading. 
Every one of us has at some time been the victim of a cunning voice, and 
perhaps been repelled once for all by a harsh, mechanical speaker.

The voice, indeed, is a delicate index of the state of mind.

What character, what infinite variety, belongs to the voice! Sometimes it is a 
flute, sometimes a trip-hammer; what a range of force! In moments of clearer 
thought or deeper sympathy, the voice will attain a music and penetration which 
surprise the speaker as much as the hearer.

p.s: there's a voice in this world that i dread to listen to; soothing to mind...

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