Saturday, 22 January 2011


Hi, there everyone's life there are moments of pride and doubt as life is like a wheel...that are remembered forever.

Through the years, we have set goals and met each challenges with enough courage and determination to overcome the many obstacles that we've encountered along the experience that makes us matured.

Success is not measured by how well we fulfill the expectations of others...but by how honestly we live up to our own expectations.

Because we have been true to ourselves in the pursuit of our dreams, we have earned this moment and the right to be proud of our expectations...and we have made it this far...why should we give up at last?

Okay...I now know...if you dream something...go and get you the only one who will make it real.

Contaminated by the thought that this semester 2 will be as difficult as to crack a have set my goal to endure well all the challenges that I am going to face later...

Yes, I can do it!

Things-to-do this semester:

1) Of course...there's no study without coursework...they are my priority albeit of others...
2) Macbeth staging...really need to polish up my acting far as I can remember the last time I act was about 4 years back when I was in sophomore year of high school.
3) Poetry recital...aha..this has made me suffered a pain no gain right?? So, as the project manager..I'm  really going to make this into real...Believe it or not...our names will be in the Malaysian Book of records!
4) English camp!...Oh my, this is the thing that I 've been waiting for so many months..and really kind of looking very most forward to it...

And lastly...things-to-do this week:
4) Updating mock exam is in within two more months to go...
5) Filing....

Have a nice day everyone!

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