Saturday, 8 January 2011

"Summer" is in the air..Perlis gets hotter than usual..

" Shall I compare thee to a summers' day.."

Lo and behold..supposed, January is the summer season in Perlis..and it will be hit with scorching, hot will be soaking wet by sweat almost all the time..and feeling as if the sun is just beneath your head..whenever you dry you clothes, water will be evaporated in the minute of time..sounds great..aren't they?? The geography itself says north of Malaysia climate is different from the rest of states as more or less, it is affected by the Thailand ring of tropical monsoon climate. That's what I assumed and presumed..BUT..since this is early January..usually you can feel the bliss of hot temperature..but it isn't!

Instead..what is in return is that chilling cold breeze at a time but I can say almost all the time..especially at night..I feel like my bone is freezing and my mouth is shaking due to "maximum" low temperature as if I am staying in freezer. Sometimes, it comes with rain..and wind becoming more terribly obnoxious..but it is so pleasant..when you're outside, you can feel the breeze blow through your cheek..the five sense will be stimulated by the vast rage wind that enters through the spores on your skin..becoming cold is bare in mind..never do this at home.

If this so-called summer season..I'll be like it very most! Seeing the sun is still on its right axis and position, I'll not be worried much as the sun will always be there for us.

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