Friday, 24 June 2011

No Time To be Wasted.

As I am now in semester  3, it makes me realized of how time moved faster than you walked and most of the time I procrastinate a lot, I concede it. I do realize that I didn't do much in semester 1 and 2 which I have to buck up with the most to excel in Final Exam. I could not help myself but to give my full attention, concentration and focus to my study-the only road that leads me to the dreams I dream of.

One and a half year seems to be a very long period at the first sight, but as for me, it is just a short time when you think as if yesterday you were registering here at campus, and tomorrow you would be dealing with final exam-the final judgment. Semester 3 is very pivotal not only for me, but also for the rest of my fellow TESLians. This semester will be an important point to determine whether we are good enough to move or shift into freshman year of first degree level which is B.Ed Teaching English as a Second Language. I hope I would be able to step my feet into the field that I have mentioned previously. God wills.

My Family. They are the reasons why I am here and why I should do my very best, their love, support and care are things that keep me going and alive in every single little strand of my virtue of success.

Hold on, have I mentioned to you that I am just at the beginning of semester 3? No, I haven't. My bad, my fault, I admit it. Aftermath, I have 4 months to go to get myself prepared for the final exam. Yet, I have studied none which makes me cold feet day by day thinking of how I am going to perform well if I keep myself in the same attitude. Poor me, what a lazy dork I am. TESL is not an easy major nor as easy as ABC to break through, is it? Yes, it is. To make things more worst and mediocre, we aren't native speakers of English which English is just at your fingertips, thus I now know we have to double and triple our effort to sound similar like  one or at least to have a good acquisition of language.

What should I do then to be as good as the rest? Hitting the book is not the only way to succeed in TESL. Although I have to admit the fact that reading books will help you a lot with the mechanics of language, but to really succeed, you have got to look into small, tiny-weeny, and microscopic thing that may harm your virtue towards your dream. As for me, I should avoid any conflict that can distract and disturb my study. The solution is to be amiable with everybody that people will not have revenge on you and to think positively over things that had happened and will happen. There are reasons for everything that happens. When you think positively, your mind will be at peace and not be possessed by evil action of devil that may turn you into lucifer with human face. Well said, make yourself busy with works so that you will not be devastated by others and enjoy every single little time that you participate in. 

Of course I am not going to let it slips through my fingers and take this thing for granted. This is what I want and I must get it. By hook or by crook, I must try and work harder as if there's no tomorrow. Let's hit the book everyone! 

Have a Lovely Weekend! :)

p/s:in the name of testing you..I intentionally said so and yeah..You prove me wrong of what I thought of you..sorry!

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