Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It rains. Yes, it is raining.

No wonder, the sky looks gloomy and cloudy that it seems like having a painful feeling inside of its heart and undergoing a hard time these days. Later, I found that drops of water fall onto the ground. That is how natures work. There will be time when sun shines too brightly, and also there will be time when it rains overwroughtly.For human, rain is just a plain water which does not mean anything and consider nothing. BUt for the plant, rain means everything.

It stops the drought that has taken place before long. It thwarts the plant from wilting and the most important, prevents stunted growth. Rain gives water, and water will be used by plant to carry out transpiration process. Plants also use water in photosynthesis process. See how important the water is for the plant to survive. Water is its basic needs. Without enough basic needs, they will start to wilt and slowly, die. 

In return, what for are the plant doing so? What are its motive? Why does the water can do to help the plant? Who will get the benefit from? Why? And why? Have you ever wondered of this? The plant carries out transpiration using water to balance the air humdity, so that the weather will be not extremely hot for human. Plants photosynthesise using water, so that they can release oxygen for human to breath. Plants catch the water, so that people will not face water shortage problem.

See how enormous and gargantuan the function of plant is in our life as human. Human cannot survive without water for three days, can we? So, why do we waste the water? What have we done for the plant? Only disaster by disaster occur that are caused by human touch.   

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