Tuesday, 21 June 2011

When everybody talks about exam result...

Hi there..here we meet again after such a long time haven't I posted something on my blog, have I?

Yeah, I have and I admit the fact that I miss my blog so much! You may be wondering what have I been doing? And where have I been? Actually, I was on my semester break, due to the lack of interest to ramble something causes me to abandon my blog for quite some time, yes some times.

Enough with that, let's move on! Guess what, the last semester result has come out...again, nervousness fills the air as if I can see them through the naked eyes, their particles are gliding about each other. I aggrandize too much, don't I? But, the result has got nothing to do with me. Nothing. Then, why I should be afraid of? Isn't that cool to have not sat for exam? Isn't that blissful to have not faced the sudden surprise that may turn you down the next day? 

I'm playing too much with my feeling. The feeling of comfort has carried me away for two semesters and I have the solid and concrete reason why I should be afraid of seeing others' result. I only have this final semester to show what I have. This semester will be the grand finale of my foundation years. I have to proof that I am capable and strong enough to embark on a new step into B.Ed TESL. 

My point is, to not have examination in the first and second semester has its own pros and cons. The skills that I have attained are not yet be tested and how am I going to know my progress? What can I do to improve my study? What should I do next? I am clueless as I don't have any key and blueprint that I can refer to check how well I have done.

For some people, the success in examination is everything for them. And so goes to me. I know I have to be serious now and for all to realise the dream I have been dreaming. Whatever it is, I have got to believe in my power and true self that I can be as good as the rest. Hard Work, Pray and a little help of luck will do.  

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