Thursday, 2 June 2011

I love TESL (C2,C3)

Do you know why I love the most about TESL? Obviously, we don't have examination like others do in the first and second semester of our foundation years. Yippee. It means I don't have to force and trouble myself to hit the book for the exam. Wouldn't that great? Yes...It would. Though, the biggest fear I could not avoid is the final exam in the third ends all the joys and turns us into misery...or only me the one who feels so? Nay! Whatever it is not about the exam that I want to talk, much to what I have undergone and endured throughout these two semesters of foundation years.

First semester.

We had Social Studies exhibition
We went to Pulau Payar, Langkawi for our GERKO assignment.

Second semester.

We had English Language Camp.
We went to school for English-Fun-Day
We watched Teacher's Debate Match
We had Macbeth Dramatisation.
We participated in Hockey Match.

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