Saturday, 25 June 2011

Getting married, I kid you not.

First situation: There's a couple, both of them are students who vow to get married once they graduate.

Second situation: There's a couple, both of them are also students who promise to get married once they finish their masters.

Which one do you belong to? First? Or second?

Play safe. Love after marriage is eternal. God wills.

It doesn't matter which situation you belong to, you are in and you want to be in as far as you know what you want in your life. The main crux is both of the situations lead to the same goal which is MARRIAGE. Don't you think Marriage is a good thing? Yes, it does, but I sound agree to what it may connote? Let's see as we move on.

I view these situations as different style of thinking about relationships. It is a fact that different people, different heads and different way of thinking. Here, both of them are neither at the losing end nor blaming end. Let's not blame them for what they perceive and foresee about their relationship. We should be proud of them for that they put marriage as their final destination to legalise a relationship.

I value this relationship in a different time constraint or to be exact, different time frame. I admit the fact that it is good to get married at the age of 23-24 which means you walk down the aisle after finishing your degree. But, the predicament is so many people put their love over their studies. They get easy on the love-drunk ride. Along the course of their studies, they should be able to recognise which one should come first either love or studies that should be their priorities. I may be sounded bias or unfair, yet this is what we should do.

I will not blame them for their ignorance as they do not have the right guidance and they do not receive proper guidance as there is no one is to responsible to show them the true way of what they should do and should not do. You may say that they are matured enough to think on their own of what is right and what is wrong. Well then you are so not right and so wrong! Come on, teenagers are teenagers, they are overwhelmed by the youthful vigour that causes them to try something new and of all they think is about to have fun. Thus, I beg to differ this time to say that they need to be reminded at times of what they should do and what their responsibilities are to their parents, their families, their country and themselves. And mind you, there are lot of responsibilities will be hooked on their shoulders.

At times, their youthful vigour exceeds their conscience adrenaline that affects their action to be wild and to act beyond normal. It is a nature of youngsters to say the least to evoke over what they think is not good for them and to seek for freedom that they do not know the freedom they want leads them to destruction. Here comes the function of family support and religion support that can prevent them from destructing their lives and futures.

Hold on, having a scroll of degree is not guarantee for you to get a job in today's world. The competition is super competitive that you must have an exceptional result and extra recommendation and traits to attain a job. My point is, getting a good job is very important that it will be your source of finance. You have got to understand that everything is about money these days. No money, no talk! Let's say if you don't have a good and fine job even if you have a degree, what are you going to feed your family if all the prices of food keep increasing and the cost of living keep mounting up even if to pee, you have got to pay. Think big, everyone! Since nowadays world is quite merciless and ruthless, I think I would agree with the second notion saying to get married after finishing masters. Let's think, when you have masters, it will uplift your knowledge and your position in a society as well, as an effect, it will increase your salary that you may be lead a fine life with your beloved family. And for the bachelor out there, listen to my advice, when you have masters, your SAHAM will directly incline thus you will be the liking for the hottest-single-gal's parents to be matched with their daughter. Just saying and kidding! No offence!

Plus point, it is not something weird to get married at the age of 26+ instead of getting married at the age of 20+ or even 17+. It is not quite applicable nowadays. In the ancient and old skool times, it may seem good as women are perceived to be full-time housewife and all they know is to do house-chores, and they will be stamped as spinsters when they get married late, yet, as today is modern time, everybody is equipped with knowledge that enables them to be what they want to be and to chase their dreams, always career before marriage. This is your life, and you must live it as what you like it to be. Your future is in your hands. So, would you like to be labelled as cheeky when you thought getting married at the early age is good? Ask yourself.

Whatever it is, it all depends on what is stated above and what you think you can do. We can only pray and which, yet HE determines all and HE knows what is sustenanced for us. HE knows all. And yeah, why do we make it a big fuss and deal for youngsters to get married at early age? If they know their responsibility and they are fully prepared physically and soulfully, with the right niat, I guess they deserve to get married and they must get married as it is an IBADAH. It's their right after all. Marriage is about once in a lifetime and finding the right person, when you have found the right person, don't waste your time, get hooked on him/her, when the setting is right and when the right time has come, so be it!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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