Saturday, 13 August 2011


Things change, and so I am. But what makes a change different is a change either to be good or to be bad. And I am dying to be good. Not that I am so darn bad before (I have never committed any violence), I come to realisation that people change to suit with the environment and atmosphere that they are in. Upon saying this, does this change make us be hypocrite? It's all depend on our intention for change. But just so you know, changes are good things if you change from bad to good. At least, we do see some transformation and improvement in one's life.

Why are waiting for the change to take its toll in your life? Dare to make a change.

There will be a point in life like a turning point where everyone starts to recall their past, look ahead for their future and gear up a change. At this moment, everyone sighs over ignorance that they have made and prides over their achievement. Most important,  to start a change is to make testimonials over every actions that we have taken. 
A change does not take place in one night and so Rome was not built in one night, I reckon. It takes a change to make a change. Be sure that even if there is no one wants to support your decision for a change, there is always HIM to guide you and support you from all angles of life.

*If I don't chase after what I want, definitely, I will never get it. If I don't change for what I want to be, I will never make it to the top where my dreams lie.

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